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How To Inflate Your Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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Today in Starboard’s video ‘How To’ series, we learn how to set up our Starboard inflatable SUP. Let’s dive right into it, so we can get out paddling!

To get your session started, we are going to explain how to inflate your inflatable board.

Before you start getting any equipment out, you want to make sure there are no sharp objects around as they can easily damage your board.

Assembling The Pump

To start pumping, we need to assemble the tiki pump by connecting the hose to the inflate mode (INF), located on the body of the pump next to the gauge. Once the hose is connected we can attach the base by following the arrow markers, with which the first arrow will align with the joint of the base. The pump should fit perfectly into the base with those markers aligned, and now you can twist it clockwise to secure it into place. Now the second arrow should be aligned with the mark on the base. To start pumping in the double action mode, high volume mode, you need to turn the small lever just below the handle from the left side to the right. And that’s it, now the pump is ready to go!

Connecting The Pump

To connect the pump to the board, we start with removing the valve cap by rotating it counter-clockwise and checking that the pin in the centre is in the up position. You can check this by pressing the pin down, then releasing so it pops to the up position. To attach the hose, insert the end of the hose into the valve and turn clockwise to lock it into place.

To follow the rest of the steps, head to the How To Inflate Your Starboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board article on Green Water Sports.

How To Repair your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

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In the very unlikely case you need to fix a puncture or leak in your inflatable SUP, we have this video courtesy of Green Water Sports wo walk you through the process.

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to repair your inflatable stand up paddle board. Our iSUPS are extremely durable, however we do include a repair kit with every board in the unlikely event that you do get a puncture. Your repair kit comes with 2 rectangular PVC patches and a valve wrench. Note that we do not include the glue with the repair kit due to HAZMAT shipping restrictions, so you’ll have to purchase the glue separately. We recommend Clifton Urethane Adhesive or Stabond, (or AquaSeal) but any vinyl adhesive will do. Whichever one you use, be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on the type of glue you’re using.

If your board is losing air, the first thing you should do is take the included valve wrench in your repair kit and tighten down your valve. The valve sits inside of a seat and when you tighten it with the valve wrench, this makes sure it’s properly seated and that no air is leaking from around the valve. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the next step is to locate the leak.

If your board is fully inflated, you might be able to hear it, but if not, you want to take some soapy water and spray it around the board in the areas where you suspect the leak. The soapy water will bubble in the areas where there is a leak. Once you’ve identified from where your board is leaking, you want to wipe it dry and mark the area.

For the full article and process, head to this article: How To Repair your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard on Green Water Sports.

5 Things You Can Only Do With an Inflatable Paddle board

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These 5 things you can do with an inflatable stand up paddle board come to us courtesy of Green Water Sports, America’s #1 Inflatable SUP retailer.

Wherever you like to paddle, however you like to paddle and whomever you like to paddle with, inflatable paddleboards really are the most diverse choice. They also have extensive lists of perks over their hardboard counterparts so to help you finalize your decision, here are our top 5 things you can only do with an inflatable paddleboard.

Explore Further Afield

The adventures really don’t ever have to stop with inflatable paddleboards. As iSUPS are inflatable, once deflated, they pack down small into their accompanying carry bag. This efficient pack down makes them easy to transport by car, public transport and even by plane, without the oversize baggage fees. The useful carry bag also makes those before limited access spots now accessible, giving the opportunity to explore further afield. Alternatively, if the location is just a short walk, you can inflate your board and carry it ready to go. As they are inflated, they are much lighter than hardboards making them easy and convenient to carry. Most also have a padded handle in the middle so you can carry in comfort. This also means for those locations where you have to frequently enter and exit the water, for example when passing through locks, you can pass through easily without the added hardboard weight.

Store Anywhere, Everywhere

Unlike solid paddleboards, iSUPS can be stored anywhere, everywhere! Once deflated, their neat pack down means you can store them in a closet, small lake house, on a small boat and even in your bedroom. If camping, it would even fit inside of your tent! In comparison, standard hardboards are around 10-12ft long, so if you don’t have a large garage or storage space, they can be tricky to store. In addition, hardboards are more fragile, so if finding the space isn’t a problem, you’ll also need it to be somewhere where it won’t get knocked or damaged.

For things 3 to 5, head to 5 Things You Can Only Do With an Inflatable Paddleboard at Green Water Sports

5 Top Tips For Paddleboarding in Cold Weather

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For many out there, SUP boarding is preferably done under the warmth of summer sun, but for a majority of the planet, it doesn’t last year round. However, paddle boarding doesn’t have to end with the summer, in fact, you can paddle 365 days a year as long as you are prepared and calculated. To keep you on the water year round, we have outlined our 5 top tips for paddle boarding in cold weather.

1 – Paddling With Friends

Paddleboarding in company is suggested year round but becomes even more critical in cold weather. Whether you paddle with a partner or a group, you have extra help in the case of emergency such as equipment malfunction or even a medical emergency. More people also means more room to carry essentials such as phones, radios, first aid kits, quick repair kits, tow lines, warm clothing and water. Along with being much safer, paddling in company is also a lot more enjoyable, even if you’re looking for some quiet time. It’s always more fun to share the adventure with family or friends. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to gather a group or partner, so if you really can’t entice anyone to join you, make sure you tell someone when and where you are going and how long you expect to be. And don’t forget to call them as soon as you are back on dry land! We also recommend saving the longer and more adventurous paddles for when you have someone to accompany you.

2 – Be Back Before Dark

Returning before dark may sound a little obvious, but as the cold weather and winter begin to set in, the days become shorter, which could easily catch anyone out. Prior to your paddle, it’s important to check what time the sun sets in your local area and aim to be on dry land at least 1 hour before. This will give you a substantial safety buffer and on those greyer days, remember you will lose the light long before sunset. This safety buffer is also important, as along with losing the light; the air temperature will also plummet. Being out on the water in the cold and dark is certainly not a scenario you will want to find yourself in.

For cooler weather tips 3 though 5, head to 5 Top Tips For Paddleboarding in Cold Weather on Green Water Sports

Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

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At the end of every Summer the change of seasons brings cooler weather but with that the opportunity for a new adventure and a new perspective on the outdoors. Even though it may be cooler, we think inflatable paddleboards are the perfect companion to see all of this and more. Find out our top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your fall adventures below!

paddling in the fall with inflatable sups red paddle co

1. They Are Incredibly Convenient

As the season begins to change to fall and the days get shorter, convenience really is key. Inflatable paddleboards are amazingly lightweight, so wherever your fall adventures may take you, whether it be trekking to a remote lake or gliding down rivers, it’s easy and quick to lift it in and out the water. Along with their light weight, inflatables can easily be rolled up and stored in their accompanying backpack, making it not only easier to carry along on your adventures, but also means they take up minimal storage space. This handy pack down makes them easy to transport, even in the smallest vehicles, on public transport and even on planes! This portability of inflatable paddle boards offers up the ability and freedom of limitless exploration year round!

2. Fun For The Entire Family

The family fun doesn’t have to end with summer, as inflatable paddleboard’s light weight makes them manageable for the kids compared to the bulky and heavy hardboard alternative. Not only are they more manageable for the kids, but also easy to use for the entire family as inflatable paddleboards are more stable, when inflated to the correct PSI, than hardboards as they are generally wider and thicker, giving more volume. This makes them stable in a variety of water states from choppy ocean, to silky smooth lakes, to white water rapids. This stability makes them impressively versatile for all levels and abilities of paddlers and can be used for fishing, SUP yoga, racing, SUP polo and white water paddling just to name a few. For those that are still a little wobbly on their feet, inflatables also have much more ‘give’ so if you do fall, you’re not going to hurt yourself or anyone else with the board. This also makes them much more comfortable underfoot or if you prefer to kneel or sit down.

For parts 3 though 5 of this series, visit Green Water Sports and their article at: Top 5 reasons why inflatable SUPs are perfect for your Fall adventures

Single Chamber or Double Chamber Deluxe – we explore the Starboard inflatable SUP options

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For 2020, Starboard has raised the bar in inflatable SUP construction. Standardizing most of their range to feature only fusion construction boards, Starboard have essentially narrowed down the choices available to customers seeking premium inflatable paddle boards, in a good way. Now it is just one question, do you want a single chamber or a double chamber SUP? Every gets a premium level fusion inflatable SUP.

Note: the 2019 Zen Lite budget minded boards (like the 10’8″ Zen Lite) are now called the Zen, taking over the Zen title in not just name but in quality. Essentially, your dollar goes further this year with Starboard inflatable SUPs.

Sure, there are a few subtle differences between the Deluxe Single Chamber (SC) and the Deluxe Double Chamber (DC) boards and features but the primary difference is right there, in the name. SC and DC. In previous years, if you wanted a fusion construction board, you had to go with a double chamber. But not everyone wants or needs a double chamber, so in 2020, Starboard has simplified things. So, with just that major difference, do you want a single chamber SUP or a double chamber SUP? Let’s look at both options and their pros and cons.

Starboard Deluxe Single Chamber

With the Single Chamber construction, Starboard have kept things simple. One valve, pump and you’re done.

Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber

Deluxe Double Chamber (DC) – safer, lighter, stiffer

The Starboard Deluxe Double Chamber construction brings the inflatable paddle boards one step closer to a hard board feeling. The Double Chamber stiffens the board significantly, thanks to the double side walls around the inner chamber. This chamber also offers extra safety flotation for emergencies.

Double I-Beam Stringer – Ultra Stiff

The innovative secondary chamber doubles the sidewalls and acts like a rollable I-beam. Starting just behind the standing area and continuing forward, the chamber is placed in the most critical area for flex and reduces deflection by 20-40%. The feeling of paddling with the stiff double I-beam stringer is very similar to a hard board, providing an authentic paddling experience.

Extra Floatation – Safety First

The secondary chamber offers up to 42 liters of safety floatation, with 14 liters even in the smallest boards, that require only 15PSI. Starboard pioneered Double Chamber technology in the 2013 Ocean Rescue inflatable paddle board. It is now revised, improved and gives the paddlers peace of mind while paddling.

Deluxe Construction

New Fusion Woven Drop Stitch for Single and Double Chamber boards

In development for 5 years, Starboard’s new Woven Drop Stitch technology process starts with a glue free PVC lamination on the top and bottom of the board. Inside the board they have their new weave on the top and base. This weave provides a structure for the polyester yarns – which gives the board its shape. The weave has less give than the traditional knitting method. Knitted fibres have soft and stretchy properties, whereas this new weaving is superior in stiffness, reflex and rigidity. Think dress shirt vs a polo shirt.

But it’s not just about adding on – they’ve also taken away, cutting weight by 3.3 lbs on average. The yarn threads are reduced per square inch for better reflex. Less plastic and a lighter paddle board. Less weight, faster acceleration, easier to carry. With Starboard’s new Woven Technology their paddle boards are not only lighter, but stronger and stiffer. Better in every way.

Strong and light. Feel it!

  • Woven fabrics reduce stretch, hold more tension and create a stiffer board.
  • The woven fabrics use less material than conventional drop stitch, creating a lighter board.
  • Fusion lamination of top and bottom layers is done in a glueless process,  increasing stiffness and creating a solid board, while reducing weight.
  • What does it mean for you? A stiffer and lighter, durable board, with a reflex sensation you can feel.
  • Galvanized 2000 D rails increase the strength of the board, together with the 3K compression bands.

Welding Technology

Featured on all Starboard inflatable paddle boards from 2019, the rails are heated and bonded for life. Glue is never forever. Mechanical bond = Strength and Durability. Starboard’s new welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment.Since the beginning inflatable boards have been glued together at the seam, so the boards only last as long as the glue. Over the last few years Starboard have worked with welding machine manufacturers to develop better machinery for seam welding. Then they helped train their selected OEM assembler to utilize this unique technology in Starboard’s exclusive production lines, resulting in a long lasting mechanical bond.

For more info about the Starboard range or some of the popular models like the 10’8″ iGO Deluxe, or the 12’6″ Touring Deluxe, head to Green Water Sports.